Week 2 Photo Challenge

Week #2 – The Color Gray – Photography Challenge

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We are kicking off the second week of the Ditch Auto Weekly Photography Challenge in the artistic category. This week I want you to get out there with your camera and artistically capture the color gray.

Last week’s challenge was a huge success. So many of you got out there and took photos using the rule of thirds as your guide. The challenge post had over 245 comments by the end of the first week. Amazing!

Some commented that the challenge was easy. Many of these challenges are not going to be that hard in concept, but when you get out there and have to create something using the rule for the challenge, that is where it gets hard. The Rule of Thirds is not a hard concept, but creating an interesting image using it is more challenging than just pointing your camera at something and lining up the lines.

Check out this week’s challenge video:

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Please challenge yourself to take new photos this week. I am sure you have some fantastic photos that fit the challenge but the goal of this challenge is to get out and take new photos.

Feel free to take all week to work on this challenge. There is no hurry. The reason I am launching new challenges on Monday is so that you have all week to think about the challenge and how you want to execute it in the form of a photo.

If you have not already, please watch the Ditch Auto Weekly Photo Challenge kick-off video and the rules video to better understand what this challenge is about. See those videos here: https://gearandlight.com/ditchauto/announcing-ditch-auto-weekly-photo-challenge/

When you have created the image you want to submit for the challenge, return to the Facebook group and upload it as a comment under the post for this challenge. This challenge will be pinned to the group all week, so it should be the top most post in the group.

If you post your photo or other photos from the challenge to your social media profiles such as Instagram, make sure to use the hashtag #DitchAutoChallenge in your post.

Good luck! If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments below this post or on Facebook in the group under the post for this week’s challenge. I am super excited to see what you all come up with. I will be out doing this challenge with all of you this week. See you in the Facebook Group.

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