How To Use Wifi & NFC on Canon 80D

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Learn how to use Wifi & NFC on your Canon 80D. Transfer images to your iPhone or Android phone easily using your Canon 80D Wifi & NFC and the Canon Camera App.

Newer Android phones have a great NFC feature while Apple only has NFC with Apple Pay, which means you will need to do another step for IPhones and older Androids.

For Android phones with NFC:

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On your phone download the correct application from the Google Play store, called Canon Camera Connect.

Go into the Menu of your 80D and access the Wireless Communication Settings and enable WiFi / NFC and have the Allow NFC Connections box checked.

The 80D will ask you to register a nickname for this connection. Hit the Menu Button to save.

Label the connection something that makes sense to you. Leaving it the default, EOS80D, is also okay.

Simply hold your Android phone up to the side of your 80D to automatically bring up the Canon Camera Connect App and it will ask to connect to your 80D. It will ask you if you’d like to connect.

Simply select OK and you’re now connected and ready to use all the great features of the preview and download pictures from your phone and utilize all of the other great features of the app.

For Apple or Android phones without NFC:

On your phone download the application called Canon Camera Connect.

Go into the Menu of your 80D and access the Wireless Communication Settings and enable WiFi / NFC.Then select Wi-Fi Function to setup your network connection.

Note: Problems may occur if you have previously connected to another phone or tablet and you might need a fresh start with your settings. If you have issues connecting, or even seeing your network, select Clear Settings and then re-enable WiFi / NFC, even though it doesn’t matter for the phone since we will be connecting manually via WiFi Network.

Select Wi-Fi Function and then select Connect to a Smart Phone.

Setup your connection with Easy connection.

Select OK. It will display the SSID which is essentially the name of the Wi-Fi network you will be connecting to.

Go to the Wi-Fi settings of your phone and look for the SSID that was displayed on the 80D. Select the correct network to join and enter the Encryption Key that was also displayed on the 80D.

After joining the network, go into your Canon Camera Connect app on your phone and you will see the SSID displayed.

Tap on “New Camera Found” and then your 80D will ask you to connect to the smartphone and you will now be able to use this app and all of its great features.

After setting this up connection for the first time, your 80D will remember these settings for you. If you turn off the Wi-Fi on your 80D, your phone will disconnect from your camera and return to your previous network connection. It will keep the information you have entered stored in its settings so you won’t have to re-enter it again, unless you clear your phone’s Wi-Fi settings.

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