How to Transfer Images to a Smartphone on the Nikon D7200

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Learn how to transfer photos from your Nikon D7200 to your iPhone or Android phone.

NFC and Android
If you have an Android device, transferring images can be very easy with NFC, or Near Field Communication.

From the Menu, go to the Setup Menu which is indicated by the Wrench icon and scroll down to NFC and turn it ON.

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Install Nikon’s Wireless Mobile Utility application on your (Android)

Simply tap to connect and hold your NFC capable Android phone up to the side of the camera near the SD Card slot, and your phone will connect to the D7200.

For iPhones and non-NFC Android phones
From the Menu, go to Setup Menu which is indicated by the Wrench icon and scroll down to Wi-Fi to ensure that it’s turned ON.

Install Nikon’s Wireless Mobile Utility application on your phone.

Wireless Mobile Utility (iPhone)
Wireless Mobile Utility (Android)

From the Wi-Fi settings menu on the D7200, select Network settings.

Select View SSID.

It will display the name of the network created by the D7200.

Go to the Wi-Fi settings menu on your phone and look for the Wi-Fi SSID of the D7200. You will see that there is no lock, or security icon indicated next to the network, which means this network is insecure.

This means that anyone with the Nikon App installed on their phone can connect to the D7200’s network and access the photos and video when Wi-Fi is enabled on your camera. Therefore, I recommend that you only enable Wi-Fi on your D7200 when you need to use the App. Otherwise, random people can easily gain access to your photos.

With the App connected to your D7200, you can Take Photos or View Photos with your phone as a remote device.

You can also download the photos to your phone. The little red X’s indicate video files which cannot be viewed with the app.

If you select Take Photo on the App, it will show you a live view screen of your D7200 and you can take pictures, using your phone as a remote.

On the D7200, you also have the option to Select to send to smart device.

This will allow you to use the D7200’s interface to send the selected photos to your connected smart device if the App is open.

Connect the D7200 to your secure wireless network with Push Button WPS
From the Menu go to your Wi-Fi settings and then go into Network settings.

Select Push-Button WPS.

The D7200 will go into a Waiting for Connection mode.

If you have a router or device with a WPS button, press it now. It will automatically connect the D7200 to your local Wi-Fi network.

This is one way to have security with your wireless connection, but the WPS connection is dependent on your wireless network having the WPS feature on its router.

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