Top 5 settings to change on the Nikon D7200

Top 5 Settings To Change On The Nikon D7200

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I recently rented a Nikon D7200 to spend some time with. I am not a Nikon Photographer, but have been shooting DSLR since 2005. After spending some time with the Nikon D7200, I found that there were a few settings I wanted to adjust to make the camera work a bit better for my workflow. The camera is a bit different than what I am used to. I shot on the Canon platform for the first 10 years of my photography career and then switched to Sony. I decided to put together a short video showcasing the settings I felt needed to be changed on the D7200 to get overall better performance from the camera.

Here are 5 settings to change on the Nikon D7200.

I also created a few other Nikon D7200 videos, so make sure to check those out as well. One is linked below, but on our Youtube channel you will find a few others.

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