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Top 5 Photo Settings to Change on the GoPro Hero 5 Black

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Taking great photos on your GoPro Hero 5 Black means knowing your camera settings. Here are the top 5 settings to change in your GoPro Hero 5 Black to get the best photos. Switch from Video Mode to Photo Mode Set your field of view to WideIt appears as though this camera was engineered around being set in wide mode. The other FOV options seem to go through an internal conversion processs within the GoPro Camera and the picture just isn’t as good as what’s produced in Wide Mode. Enable ProtuneThis will give you additional control over specific settings on your GoPro. While GoPro does a decent job with producing a nice image using their built-in presets, having more control over your image by enabling Protune will give you a cleaner image for when you’re editing your photos later. Set your color to FLATHaving your color set to GoPro will make your photos extra “Contrasty” which will technically have less color information and details to work with in editing software. Only utilize the GoPro color setting if you intend to upload without any editing. Set Sharpness to LowThe internal settings do a good job, but again, you’ll want the ability to adjust that later with a nice clean image that hasn’t been affected by the Presets. Decrease the ISO MAX from 1600 to 800When you have an ISO of 1600, you will start to see a lot of grain in your photo. It is a lot easier to increase the exposure of a clean photo at a …