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Week #3 – Water Drops – Photography Challenge

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Week 3 is here with a new challenge. We are in the technical category this week and will be photographing water drops. Water Drop Photography can be quite the challenge because they are often small and refract light in different ways. There are a lot of different methods for capturing water, but for this challenge we want to focus on the water drop. We may look at water splash photography another time. With water drop photography you can approach it from many different perspectives. You can look at standing water that has fallen naturally, you can create your own drops of water on a subject of your own, or you can try to capture them in motion. Each method is a challenge of it’s own. Feel free to get creative and try different things. Upload your Week #3 challenge photos to the new Album in the Ditch Auto Group: Focus on the gear you own and use it to it’s max. If you have ever considered adding a macro lens to your gear bag, check out what Amazon has to offer: Here are a few water drop photography Youtube videos to help you with some ideas: First Man Photographer Water Drop Tutorial:¬† DigitalRev Water Drop Tutorial:¬† Here are a few water drop photos I captured while preparing to talk about the Water Drops Photography Challenge for Week 3. Please challenge yourself to take new photos this week. I am sure you have some fantastic photos that fit the challenge but the goal of this …