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Top 5 Settings to Change on the Canon 80D

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The Canon 80D is a fantastic camera, but it does not come set up optimized to produce the best photo, so I make some changes to the camera settings. Here are my top 5 settings to change in the Canon 80D. Whenever you get a new camera, or there is a time change, or you are in a different time zone, make sure you set the time and date. This might not seem like a big deal, but it will save you a lot of time and frustration later. Image sharing websites and photo software use the time stamps to organize your photos. If these settings are wrong, you will have a head ache trying to organize the mess it creates. Image Quality Set the Image quality to save both Raw and JPEG if you are editing your photos later while also needing to quickly share your photos during the shoot. However, there are situations where it makes sense to only save the RAW image. Because writing the second file to the SD Card takes extra buffer time and space, there might be occasions where you need to take photos more rapidly. Saving only the RAW image might give you an extra boost in the time between writing your current photo and the camera’s readiness to take the next. Go to the Photo Shooting Menu, scroll to Image quality and select Raw + JPEG or simply RAW depending on your situation. Medium RAW is okay and is the minimum RAW setting I would ever suggest. If your SD …

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Top 5 Settings To Change On The Nikon D7200

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After spending some time with the Nikon D7200, I found that there were a few settings I wanted to adjust to make the camera work a bit better for my workflow. Here are 5 settings to change on the Nikon D7200. Set Image Quality to NEF Raw + JPEG Within the Photo Shooting Menu, scroll to Image quality and select NEF Raw + JPEG Raw photos will be useful for editing on a computer. JPEG photos won’t take up a lot of storage space and this filetype is useful for sharing to social media.Auto Focus Settings I prefer to shoot in AF-S Servo Modewith Spot Mode selected. Hold down the button on the side of the camera, next to the Auto/Manual Focus switch, to toggle between different Auto Focus Settings.To activate AF-S: Turn off Live View, look through Viewfinder and hold down the button next to the Focus Mode Switch, and rotate the wheel with your right thumb to select AF-S Mode.AF-S allows the camera to refocus every time you press the shutter button, or in my case, when I press down the “Back Button” focus. This allows the camera to refocus when needed as opposed to AF-A Single Mode, where your camera is only going to focus once. Spot Mode: When you hold down the button next to the Focus Switch and toggle between Auto Focus Modes, rotate the ‘rocker’ on the front of your camera (under the shutter button) and you can then cycle through your Focus Modes: Wide, Normal, Spot, and Portrait. I …