How to Use Quick Control on Canon Rebel T6i

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Did you know the Canon Rebel T6i’s LCD monitor is also a touchscreen? Yeah? Did you also know that, combined with Quick Settings, using the touch screen is one of the fastest ways to view and adjust almost all of your camera’s settings in one convenient location? Check out how to use Quick Control on your Canon T6i: Quick Control is accessed by pressing the Quick Control button (the letter Q inside an outline) towards the top right corner of the LCD monitor on the back of the camera. Pressing this button brings you into the Quick Control menu where you can adjust a myriad of camera settings. The settings shown in the Quick Control menu depends on the shooting mode you’re currently in. Creative Zone modes allow more adjustments than Basic Zone modes. Any setting with a gray outline can be tapped on to get a description of the setting. Tapping again will bring you the adjustment for that setting. Press the return arrow on-screen or the MENU button to return to the main Quick Settings page. In Creative Zone shooting modes, the top row will be dominated by “the big three”; shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. Below that, settings are organized roughly in order of most used at the top to least used at the bottom.