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Week #19 – Still Life Photography – Photo Challenge

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Still Life Photography has always been an interest of mine because I get to use photography to capture the objects around me. We use Still Life Photography often on social media to showcase things in our life such as food. It is the photographing of objects arranged in a way that is appealing to the eye. Still Life as an artistic style is often used to teach lighting and depth. This week, you can photograph Still Life as you see fit. Arrange some fruit on a table in your kitchen, or take some of your kids toys outside and create a scene. Still Life Photography Description: Still Life Description: Come back and share your photo in the Ditch Auto Facebook Group. Have fun!! Upload your Week #19 challenge photos to the new Album in the Ditch Auto Group: If you post your photos to your social media accounts, use the hashtag #ditchautochallenge Here are a few example photos of “portraits” that I have captured. Please challenge yourself to take new photos this week. I am sure you have some fantastic photos that fit the challenge but the goal of this challenge is to get out and take new photos. Feel free to take all week to work on this challenge. There is no hurry. The reason I am launching new challenges on Monday is so that you have all week to think about the challenge and how you want to execute it in the form of a photo. If you have not already, …