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First Shots with the Sony a6400

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The Sony a6400 is here and ready for some testing but first I have some settings I need to change to make the camera more fluid to use. Over the years I have found on just about every camera I use, there are settings I want to customize. That is why there are there, to customize. Each of us has a different workflow when taking photos and like our cameras to respond a certain way. Though each camera brings new features, it is best to find what works well for you and set your camera up accordingly. I produce videos like these to help you learn more about your camera and it’s functionality. Check out the video or read and check out the images I captured below. Check out the Sony a6400: SD Card Case: favorite SD Cards: favorite compact portrait lens: favorite compact wide lens: Product links direct to Amazon.Com or Today we’re talking about my first shots with the Sony A6400. Now, I got my hands on the Sony A6400 the same time anybody else could that pre-ordered it. I didn’t get a copy from Sony. I didn’t get invited to anything. So I just bought the camera because I liked the specs, and I liked what I saw in some of the other videos that people were putting out. So the A6400, for me, was going to be a nice camera for me to have here in the studio for shooting 4K video. But then also like …