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Week #7 – The Sky – Photo Challenge

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This week we are turning our attention to the sky. The Sky is amazing and vast. It can have a lot of texture and shape. It can also be a challenge to get a very dynamic photo of the sky. The weather also has a lot to do with the sky, so you can’t always just point your camera up and take a picture. This week I want you to try and take a picture of the sky that you find interesting. Don’t just take a random picture of the sky, wait until you see something interesting. Maybe it’s a jet passing through the sky, or perhaps an interesting ray of light passing between a hole in the clouds. Photographing the sky can be challenging because the sky can have a lot of contrast areas. This week I would like you to focus more on capturing what your eye finds interesting over getting to technical, but try to get your exposure close so there are not any blown out areas in your photo. Upload your Week #7 challenge photos to the new Album in the Ditch Auto Group: If you post your photos to your social media accounts, use the hashtag #ditchautochallenge Here are a few examples of The Sky from photos James Horton from our Ditch Auto Facebook Group has taken recently. Please challenge yourself to take new photos this week. I am sure you have some fantastic photos that fit the challenge but the goal of this challenge is to get out and …