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Week #1 – Rule of Thirds – Photo Challenge

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To kick off the Ditch Auto Weekly Photo Challenge we will be in the category of Composition. I would argue that the most challenging aspect of photography is to train your eye to see the potential of a scene to become a great photo. Some great photos happen by accident, but most great photos happened because someone’s eye saw something that everybody else didn’t. This week we will be focusing on The Rule of Thirds. The Rule of Thirds is a composition tool to help you place your point of interest in your photo. Most cameras come with an option to turn on the rule of thirds to help with your composition. It is totally acceptable to turn this on to help you with this challenge. Looking through my photos, I realized that I tend to center my subjects quite often. It’s a natural thing to do. Place it in the middle with equal space on each side. While there are perfectly acceptable situations to center crop your point of interest, using the rule of thirds can help you invoke a variety of different emotions in the viewer as they look at your photo. Check out this week’s challenge video: Feel free to take all week to work on this challenge. There is no hurry. The reason I am launching new challenges on Monday is so that you have all week to think about the challenge and how you want to execute it in the form of a photo. If you have not already, please watch …