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Handsfree iPhone Cinematography 4-Axis Slider Setup

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Today’s modern filmmaker needs cameras and tools to help get the shot with minimal assistance. We are making videos about all sorts of topics and want our content to stand out. Many of the filmmaking tools out there can do a lot, but sometimes you have to create your own tools out of what’s available. That is what I did with the ROV Pro Everday Slider and the Movi Cinema Robot. Product Links (Amazon)Movi Cinema Robot: Pro Everyday Slider: Swiss Mini Plate: Swiss Clamp: Hey, what’s up? It’s Jerad with Ditch Auto and this contraption here is a full motion slider that I concocted out of a couple of different things for a mobile phone, like an iPhone or your new Galaxy S10. So what do you do when you want to get those super smooth shots? And yes, I know that your phone cameras have some stabilization built into them and they do a good job, but what about those cool shots that you just couldn’t possibly get unless you had some sort of a system? Maybe you’re by yourself and you want to get some cool B-roll shots like this one. That is right. That shot was done completely hands free. I did not touch anything other than hitting start and letting it go. And I acted in my own scene. And a scene like that can be easily done on an iPhone with a setup like this. So let’s break down what I’ve got going on here. So what …