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How to Shoot Video on Your Nikon D7200

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The Nikon D7200 shoots HD video and does it well. There are a lot of settings specific to video, so lets look at shooting video using a Nikon D7200. Get the Nikon D7200 Body Only on Amazon: Get the Nikon D7200 Kit on Amazon: Video Transcription: Welcome to Ditch Auto. My name’s Jerad and today I’m going to show you how to shoot video with the Nikon D7200. Now the Nikon D7200 is a great camera. I was really surprised at the price and the quality of this camera. It is fantastic. If you have this camera for any length of time, you probably know how good of a camera it is and value for the dollar. So, shooting video is not really new, but it is to a lot of people who are now have been shooting with DSLR’s for a while and want to move into that video field or start shooting video clips, because these cameras shoot fantastic video, full HD and have a lot of options. Now your Nikon D7200 makes it very easy for you to shoot video. So let’s go ahead and take a look at some of those options. I’m going to power up the camera, and when you go into the menu, we’re going to toggle over to the movie shooting menu, which I really like. I love the fact that Nikon has its own movie shooting menu instead of intertwining settings in with other menus. So here we have some different options. We can change …