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How to Transfer Images to a Smartphone on the Nikon D7200

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Learn how to transfer photos from your Nikon D7200 to your iPhone or Android phone. NFC and Android If you have an Android device, transferring images can be very easy with NFC, or Near Field Communication. From the Menu, go to the Setup Menu which is indicated by the Wrench icon and scroll down to NFC and turn it ON. Install Nikon’s Wireless Mobile Utility application on your (Android) Simply tap to connect and hold your NFC capable Android phone up to the side of the camera near the SD Card slot, and your phone will connect to the D7200. For iPhones and non-NFC Android phones From the Menu, go to Setup Menu which is indicated by the Wrench icon and scroll down to Wi-Fi to ensure that it’s turned ON. Install Nikon’s Wireless Mobile Utility application on your phone. Wireless Mobile Utility (iPhone) Wireless Mobile Utility (Android) From the Wi-Fi settings menu on the D7200, select Network settings. Select View SSID. It will display the name of the network created by the D7200. Go to the Wi-Fi settings menu on your phone and look for the Wi-Fi SSID of the D7200. You will see that there is no lock, or security icon indicated next to the network, which means this network is insecure. This means that anyone with the Nikon App installed on their phone can connect to the D7200’s network and access the photos and video when Wi-Fi is enabled on your camera. Therefore, I recommend that you only enable Wi-Fi on your D7200 …

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How to Use Wi-Fi & NFC on Canon Rebel T6i

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With the growing popularity of smartphones as a person’s main camera, so too has the expectation of seamless and near-instant sharing of photos and videos wirelessly. DSLR camera manufacturers are following this technology curve by adding Wi-Fi functionality into their cameras to make it easier to use and to share photos and videos easily. Here’s how to use Wi-Fi and wireless remote shutter capabilities on the Canon Rebel T6i: First, let’s start with a primer of what functions are enabled by having built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. Canon has given the T6i the power to use Wi-Fi in almost any way imaginable. Our options include: Transferring images directly between cameras Connecting to a smartphone to view and transfer images as well as to use for remote shutter and previewing Using EOS Utility on a computer for remotely operating the camera Print photos directly from the camera to a network printer Send images to Canon’s iMAGE GATEWAY collection of web services Viewing media on a DLNA device such as a set top box or smart TV Before using the camera for any of these functions, we must first choose which connection method we want to use. Based on what function we are trying to use, there are three ways Wi-Fi can be configured: Camera Access Point mode creates and broadcasts a Wi-Fi network directly from the camera for other devices to connect to. This mode can be used to connect to a smartphone for image playback and saving, using the EOS Utility, and printing with a wi-fi printer. Infrastructure …