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Week #5 – Negative Space – Photography Challenge

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We are now over a month into the 2017 Ditch Auto Weekly Photography Challenge. A few of you have told me that you have used your camera more so far this year than you have in the years you have owned your camera. That is awesome to hear. The purpose of the challenge is to get out and use your camera more. This week’s challenge is Negative Space. Negative Space in the context of photography composition is using the space surrounding your point-of-interest to draw the eye of the viewer. It is often that we fill the frame with our subject matter to bring them close and allow us to see the details. This week I want you to use the space around your subject to draw your viewer in. This means pulling back from your subject or even placing your subject strategically to include them in the negative space around them. In this challenge you can use anything as your point-of-interest and your negative space can be anything that can surround your subject. Upload your Week #5 challenge photos to the new Album in the Ditch Auto Group: If you post your photos to your social media accounts, use the hashtag #ditchautochallenge Here are a few examples of negative space from photos I have taken in the past. Please challenge yourself to take new photos this week. I am sure you have some fantastic photos that fit the challenge but the goal of this challenge is to get out and take new photos. Feel …