How to Use “My Menu” Feature on Canon Rebel T6i

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You may have noticed the mysteriously empty last tab in the settings menu of the Canon Rebel T6i with just a single entry. This is a customizable settings menu where you can easily add six settings you use most so you can quickly come back to them without having to navigate through the extensive settings menu constantly. Here’s how to set up My Menu on Canon T6i: Select My Menu Settings in the last tab (with a star icon) of the settings menu. Select Register to My Menu. Add the first setting you wish to have quick access to. Continue adding up to six settings to add to My Menu. Press the MENU button to return to the My Menu Settings page. Open the Sort menu to customize the order that settings are shown in My Menu. Tap any setting, then press the up or down buttons to specify its location, then press OK to confirm. Delete item/items lets you remove settings from My Menu, or click Delete all items to start fresh. Enabling Display from My Menu will automatically show My Menu whenever opening the Settings menu. Press the Menu button to return to My Menu. Now you have quick and easy access to the settings you use most using My Menu.