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Adobe Lightroom Error – There Was An Error Working With The Photo

In Photography by Jerad Hill7 Comments

Today I received an error in Lightroom that read, “There Was An Error Working With The Photo.” That was all it told me. Upon inspection, it seemed to only affect that group of photos. A quick search in Google offered me a couple of fixes that I tried with no luck. I knew that the photos were ok because I was able to open them in Adobe Photoshop without a problem. The solutions online, which did not work, suggested that I trash Lightroom preview files and even Lightroom Preferences files. When this didn’t work, I tried something much more simple and less evasive, I moved the files. The files I was having issues with were stored on a local NAS (Network Attached Storage) server I have on site. It’s a Synology DS1813+, amazing piece of equipment and well worth the money it cost to set up. I currently have it configured with 24TB of storage. Once I have delivered image files to my client, I move them to the NAS to free up available memory on my iMac or MacBook Pro. Moving the files off of the NAS did one simple thing, it forced Lightroom to look for those files and resync them. Since I knew the files were working fine on their own, I moved the folder of images to my desktop. Once I knew the files were copied over, I deleted the copy off of the NAS. Once they were deleted, Lightroom noticed they were no longer available so each image had the little …