Must-Have Lenses for Canon Rebel T6i

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Congrats on getting your first DSLR or upgrading to a great professional-level camera body! The Canon Rebel T6i is a versatile shooter that will produce great photos and videos…providing you match it with the right equipment. Since you probably landed on this article intentionally, you are likely in one of three categories: considering the purchase of a Canon T6i, already ordered one and now furiously researching your incoming new toy, or are currently in possession of one. In this article, I will outline a small range of lenses that will get you started in creating great photos and videos both. The article is written with the idea that dear reader is a novice when it comes to DSLR shooting and lens selection, but –since the Canon T6i is not usually an impulse purchase– you know the basics of photography. A selection of three lenses is an effective way to cover the widest range of focal lengths while still maintaining quality photos. The wider a single lens goes, the more lens elements (pieces of glass) the lens needs, which means more layers between your shot and your camera’s sensor, and higher potential for distortion and lens aberrations. Since the Canon T6i uses the Canon EF lens mount and an APS-C size sensor, we will look at three lenses compatible with this mount and sensor size. Let’s have a look: The “Nifty Fifty” Fixed 50mm A mainstay of the photography world, the fixed-zoom 50mm lens is both a useful learning tool and a great lens for portraits and …

027 – What are Variable Aperture Lenses?

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In this episode I discuss what variable aperture lenses are and the potential advantages and disadvantages to shooting with them. Products seen in this video: Canon EOS 5D Mk.III Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L Telephoto Canon EF 18-135mm Zoom Lens Learn how to shoot in manual mode on your camera with my Free course Ditch Auto: Start Shooting in Manual Check out our YouTube channel with the full Ditch Auto course plus tons more Instagram Twitter Facebook Group

Which DSLR Camera should I buy for Christmas?

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I get this question every year. Someone wants to know which camera to buy someone, or him/herself, for Christmas. Every year, I end up giving the same advice. This year I thought it would be a good idea to put it into a post to make it easier to share with others. So who is this guide to buying a DSLR Camera for Christmas for? The people that ask me this question are usually buying their first DSLR camera for someone. The person who will receive this camera usually has not had a DSLR Camera before either. All they know is that they want to make the jump from point-and-shoot, to DSLR. Before diving into which DSLR Cameras I think are best, lets discuss why you would want to go DSLR in the first place. Owning a DSLR Camera to use as your main camera means that you are willing to carry more on you. DSLR Cameras are still larger than their Point-and-shoot counterparts and so are the accessories. DSLR Cameras are not convenient or easy to conceal. They often require their own bag to properly store them. This has been my issue as I have three kids and that makes it hard to carry yet another bag with us when we travel or take trips. I have forever been on the hunt for a camera that produces the same quality of images but is compact enough to put in my pocket. I have yet to find this camera. The first bit of advice I offer …