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Week #6 – High Key Photography – Photo Challenge

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It’s supposed to rain all week where I live, but it’s going to be a bright week in the Ditch Auto Facebook Group. This week we are challenging ourselves to take a high key photo. High Key Photography is a term associated with an image that has a very bright main light. Often that bright background light is wrapping around the subject. The “key light” in a photo is often the strongest source of light. If outdoors, your key light would often be the sun unless you used strobe lights to over power the sun. In a studio, the key light is normally the main light used to light your subject, while the other lights are there to create depth and control shadows. I have found that many of my high key photos were taken in situations where the light was way too intense to control. Sometimes the only thing you can do with a photo like that is to desaturate it into a black and white photo. I had a hard time finding a high key photo from my archives that was not a black and white photo. High key doesn’t mean blown out. If you search online, you will often find high key photos that have so much light pouring into them that it appears the apocalypse has just happened behind them. Having your main light source be high key simply means that your main source of light is very bright. From there it is up to you as the photographer to decide what …