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How to shoot video on the Canon 5D MKIV

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Learn how to shoot video on the Canon 5D MKIV. The Canon 5D MKIV shoots amazing photos and video. This article will teach you how to set up your camera for video so you can start shooting video on your 5D MKIV. Video Settings Switch the rocker over to Video Mode. This will lock up the mirror within the camera making it so you can no longer look through the viewfinder, instead you will use the lcd screen to monitor your shoot. To navigate through the menus, you can use either the touch screen or various toggle switches and wheels. Within the Settings Menu go to the fourth menu page and select Movie rec quality. You have two different formats to choose between. MOV will give you more recording format options than MP4. If you want to record 4K video, keep in mind that you will need either an extremely fast SD Card or CF Card with a lot of storage. The 4K video files that are created by this camera have a huge file size and require a fast write speed. Suggested cards are linked below.For most scenarios, I recommend¬†1920×1080 at 59.94 FPS to shoot video with the 5D MKIV. High Frame Rate This mode is useful for capturing slow motion or intense action at up to 120 FPS, but there are some serious drawbacks to using this mode. Not only will you lose the audio recording capabilities, but you will also reduce the resolution to a maximum of 1280×720 which is lowest possible resolution …