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The 7 Habits Of Photographers That Shoot In Manual

In Photography by Jerad Hill2 Comments

How many times have you found yourself wondering why two images taken seconds apart appear different? You get back to your computer to view your images only to find that your images lack consistency. Hours later you have your images edited and ready to share with the world. A Photographer that has mastered the manual settings of their camera has taken control of their camera which results in consistency across the images in their set. Imagine photographing a wedding. During the ceremony, you take about 200 photos. As you review those pictures, you notice the color tones are different on the skin of your Bride and Groom throughout your 200 photos. You might also notice that some photos are darker while others are brighter. Frustrated, you settle into your chair and begin editing in an attempt to normalize all of the photos into some happy medium. The Photographer who shoots in manual mode views light in a different way as they look through their camera’s viewfinder. As the photographer looks at the scene to be captured there is attention given to the direction of light and how it falls on the point-of-interest. While there are many different ways a photographer can use manual settings, the most successful often rely on a set of habits they have learned through practice and is why they can capture consistently beautiful shots almost every time they press the shutter. You can certainly get good photos using Auto Mode on your camera, but the true quality and consistency come only from …