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Canon Rebel T6i Guides

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Ditch Auto is dedicated to helping you grow as a photographer and learn the skills and techniques involved in creating great photography. In pursuit of this mission, we will be creating guides for some of the most popular cameras used by aspiring photographers. We started with the Canon Rebel T6i, the latest entry into the prosumer-grade DSLR family. The T6i includes a slew of great features to help enhance your photography—as long as you know how to use them. Below you will find links to our guides for the T6i that walk through the most important aspects and features of the camera, and how to use them. How to Change Focus Modes Metering Modes Shooting Modes Drive Modes ISO Speed Settings How to Set White Balance How to Set Custom White Balance White Balance Shift & Bracketing How to Use Movie Mode How to Use Picture Styles How to Disable Camera Beep Must-Have Lenses How to Use Dust Delete Data How to Enable Grid Display Image Adjustments LCD Display Settings How to Use Wi-Fi & NFC How to Update Firmware How to Use “My Menu” Feature How to Use Quick Control How to Use Mirror Lockup Custom Functions & Advanced Settings