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What Happened to Ditch Auto?

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If you are reading this, you may be wondering what happened to Ditch Auto and what Gear & Light is. I recently uploaded my first video in months to the new Gear & Light YouTube channel outlining why I made the change and what it means moving forward. You can either watch that video or read on for a short explanation. Ditch Auto was originally the name of a video course I created to help people get out of auto mode on their camera by learning to use manual mode. Manual Mode gives you much more creative control over your camera, and it is how you unlock your camera’s true potential. The Ditch Auto name works perfectly for the course. After launching the course, I created the Ditch Auto website and YouTube channel, where I started posting tutorials, gear reviews, and occasionally discussed some photography news. The Ditch Auto name always required explaining when someone came along that had not heard of the course. The Ditch Auto name also didn’t make much sense when I was reviewing and comparing camera gear. What I talk about is Gear & Light, hence the name. My more popular videos discuss cameras, lenses, and other equipment. Some of those videos are reviews, some are comparisons, and others are tutorials. These videos discuss some aspects of light, whether it be how well a camera performs in low light or how to light a subject. After years of not coming up with anything worth changing Ditch Auto’s name, Gear & Light popped …