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My First Shots with the Nikon Z6

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Today I wanted to show you my first shots and talk a little bit about the Nikon Z6. This is a mirrorless camera from Nikon. There are two versions, there’s the higher end Z7 and this is the Z6. This is the competitor, I guess you would say with the Sony a7 III and then maybe the Z7 would be the competitor of the a7R III. I was super excited about trying out this camera because when I was at NAB, I stopped by the Nikon booth and they had a bunch of them on display and I’d been maybe a little intrigued from the beginning because Nikon just kind of jumped in and started making mirrorless cameras where Canon kind of dabbled in it a little bit, had some failures and then kind of got serious about it. Nikon Z6 with 24-70mm f/4: Z6 Body Only: GB XQD Card: So I was really interested to see the camera. I spent a few minutes with it and was just really impressed with how it was performing with Nikon DSLR style lenses adapted to it, the autofocus with super snappy. That was one of the reasons why when I switched to Sony, I got rid of all my Canon glass because even with the adapters, it still was just a slow process. I mean, yeah, I was putting Canon glass on a Sony and this is Nikon, like older Nikon glass on newer Nikon icon system. So something could be said for that. But …

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First Shots with the Sony a6400

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The Sony a6400 is here and ready for some testing but first I have some settings I need to change to make the camera more fluid to use. Over the years I have found on just about every camera I use, there are settings I want to customize. That is why there are there, to customize. Each of us has a different workflow when taking photos and like our cameras to respond a certain way. Though each camera brings new features, it is best to find what works well for you and set your camera up accordingly. I produce videos like these to help you learn more about your camera and it’s functionality. Check out the video or read and check out the images I captured below. Check out the Sony a6400: SD Card Case: favorite SD Cards: favorite compact portrait lens: favorite compact wide lens: Product links direct to Amazon.Com or Today we’re talking about my first shots with the Sony A6400. Now, I got my hands on the Sony A6400 the same time anybody else could that pre-ordered it. I didn’t get a copy from Sony. I didn’t get invited to anything. So I just bought the camera because I liked the specs, and I liked what I saw in some of the other videos that people were putting out. So the A6400, for me, was going to be a nice camera for me to have here in the studio for shooting 4K video. But then also like …