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Announcing the Ditch Auto Weekly Photo Challenge

In Photography by Jerad Hill2 Comments

We are launching a photo challenge in 2017. The goal of this challenge is to challenge our abilities as photographers and to inspire us. The challenge will take place across three different categories designed to help you grow as a photographer. Check out the announcement video: Photo Challenge Categories: Technical – Technical challenges will involve using specific camera settings, features, or post production techniques. Having a solid technical understanding is important as a photographer to assure you are flexible and able to adapt as needed to the surroundings you find yourself photographing in. Composition – Compositional challenges will include help train your eye to capture more emotional photos. A photo is designed to invoke emotion. Learning composure techniques will help you better tell your story through the lens of your camera. Artistic – Artistic challenges will be designed to help you get to know what your eye is seeing and how to transfer that into a photograph. This may involve the above two categories or a variation of them. Here are the rules for the Ditch Auto Weekly Photo Challenge: Take New Photos: Though we are sure you have the awesome photos that may fit into some of these challenges, it would be best to take new photos. The whole idea is to get out your camera and take new pictures. We ask that if you participate in the challenge, that you take new photos during the week of the challenge as you participate in it. Uploading Photos: The hub for this challenge will be our …