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Canon 80D Top Five Settings to Change

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I’m a long time Canon shooter. Even though I recently switched to Sony, I love what Canon has continued to do with the crop sensor cameras. The Canon 20D was my first DSLR camera and I have owned every version of this line since then. The Canon 80D is a fantastic camera, but it does not come set up optimized to produce the best photos, so I make some changes to the camera settings. Here are my top 5 settings to change in the Canon 80D. Canon EOS 80D Kit with EF-S 18-135mm: Learn how to Ditch Auto and take better photos with our free Ditch Auto course: Video Transcript Welcome to Ditch Auto. My name’s Jerad, and today we’re going to talk about the top five things you should change on your Canon 80D, so let’s get started. Before we get started, actually, let’s talk about setting the date and time on your camera. If you didn’t do that when you first got it, set the date and time on your camera because photos these days are being posted to everything, and it uses the time and date to order and sort them. You want to make sure that your images have the correct date and time. You can change that in Adobe Lightroom or something like that, but it’s just so much easier to have it done in the camera just by setting the date and time. When daylight savings comes around, set the time. When you change timezones to go to …