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How to use Wifi on Canon 5D MKIV with an iPhone

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Learn how to use Wifi & NFC on your Canon 5D MKIV to transfer photos to your iPhone. Go into your Menu and on the fourth page, select Communications settings. Choose Built-in wireless settings. Customize the Nickname of your Camera or leave it at its default name. Select Wi-Fi/NFC and choose Enable. The NFC Function is for use with Android phones only. To turn off this function, uncheck the box by hitting the Info button. Go to Wi-Fi function and select the Connect to smartphone. Choose from any of the available SET slots to save these settings for future use. Select Easy Connection and hit OK. It will show you the SSID of the Wi-Fi connection created by the 5D MKIV as well as its Encryption Key. Download the Canon Camera Connect App for the iPhone and go to the Wi-Fi Settings on your iPhone and connect to the network created by the 5D MKIV. Open the App and it will see that there is a New camera found. Select the listed Camera. On the 5D MKIV it will ask if you want to Connect to this smartphone: iPhone. Select OK.Once the connection is established, you can: View individual photos from your 5D MKIV with the GalleryDownload selected photos to you phone with the Phone icon Favorite selected photos with the Star icon Delete selected photos with the Trash Can icon Canon 5D MKIV Body (Amazon): Canon 5D MKIV 24-70mm Kit (Amazon): Canon 5D MKIV 24-105mm Kit (Amazon):

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How I Deal With Low Light Wedding Reception Situations

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Years ago when I first started in wedding photography I quickly realized that nobody was looking out for my best interest during wedding receptions. The lighting was always dimly lit, most likely to set the mood, though I’m sure the mood would be the same with a bit more light. I got tired of chasing down coordinators, if there was even one to ask, to have the lights turned up just a pinch. I have always tried to be prepared for situations so I can react accordingly rather than be stressed when a situation does not work out my way. Though I have been using the technique I explain below for years now, only recently has it became much easier for me to manage. I will start the setup I have been using for the last 4 years. This setup, from a recent wedding, is fired by Pocketwizards. On my camera, I have a Pocketwizard MiniTT1. This trigger allows me to still mount a flash on top of my camera so I can have direct light from any angle. In the photo above you can see that I mounted my flash using a Manfrotto 175F-1 Spring Clamp. A Pocketwizard PlusII is mounted to the clamp as well which fires the Canon 580EXII Speedlight. The Speedlight Flash is pointing up into the white tent. The light will hit the tent and reflect back down toward the ground. Because the tent is shaped as it is, the light is spread out making a nice fill light. If I …