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3 Months With The Sony a7R III

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The a7R III came as a welcomed upgrade. It had been a few years since the Sony a7R II was launched so I was ready for an upgrade. In this video, I talk about my experiences so far with the Sony a7R III and show you some images I captured with the camera. With the a7III having just came out and the hype behind it, is there value in the Sony a7r III? What do you think? Sony a7rIII: Video Transcript: Hey, what’s up? It’s Jerad with Ditch Auto, and I wanted to talk about my first three months with this camera. This is the Sony A7R III and I wanted to talk about my experiences with this camera. Having came from the A9, I was used to some of the features of the A9, which I am glad that they brought to this camera, such as the multi-select, this kind of like joystick, or D-pad, whatever you wanna call it back here that allows you to move the focal point around, I absolutely love that. As you can see I have the battery grip on here, which gives me two batteries, which is just an extremely long amount of time that you can use this camera. Even if you’re shooting 4K video or whatnot you’re going to get amazing battery life out of it if you put the battery grip on it. Plus for me, I have a bigger hand, and the battery grip just gives me a little more to hold onto. I …