How to Disable Camera Beep on Canon Rebel T6i

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If you have ever been to a wedding or other events with a photographer, you might know the awkwardness and disruption of the photographer’s camera beep. With the Canon Rebel T6i (along with practically every other DSLR), this beep can be disabled for a quieter camera experience. Here’s how to disable the camera beep on your Canon T6i: Press the menu button to open the camera’s settings menu. Navigate to the first settings tab. Open the Beep menu. Select Disable. You’ll see a third option in the Beep menu called “Touch To…” and a speaker icon with a line through it. With this option selected the camera will still beep on focus lock, but beeps will be disabled when using the touch screen. This is a useful function if you navigate menus using the touchscreen, but would prefer the camera not to beep.