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How to Backup Photos from Your Camera to Your iPhone

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Your iPhone is the perfect device to backup your camera’s photos to. If you have a larger capacity iPhone like I do, you can backup an entire days shooting to it. In this video, we will discuss how to back up your DSLR Camera to your iPhone. iPhone X: iPhone SD Card Reader: 64GB SD Card Pro 300MB/s: Video Transcript: Hey, what’s up? It’s Jared with Ditch Auto and I wanted to teach you today how to back up photos from your camera to your iPhone. Now, iPhone’s have a lot of storage typically. And there are options, for example with the iPhone 10, which comes at a 256-gigabyte option, which makes for a lot of space for backing up images. Alternatively, if you have an iPad, iPads you can get up to 512 gigs. So, tons of internal storage that make it great as a backup solution. Now, why would you want to back up your photos to one of these devices? Well, even though these cameras are super solid and the SD cards these days are really good, we don’t typically have too many issues with our stuff. There is the potential of you losing something. Now, your phone is something that you typically keep on you all the time. I did a video about doing this on Android because for us with Android phones as well it’s a slightly different process, but nonetheless still is super easy. But, iPhone here, Apple makes it pretty easy with their camera connection adaptor. …