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How To Enable Back Button Focus On Nikon D7200

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Nailing focus every time can be challenging. Every time you press down the shutter button, your camera activates auto focus. This can be problematic if you are ready to shoot, but are just waiting for the right moment. Switching auto focus to back button auto focus on your Nikon D7200 will assure you get auto focus when you want it. In this video, I show you how to turn on back button auto focus on your Nikon D7200. Go to Custom Settings Menu and select ControlsSelect Assign AE-L/AF-L buttonSelect Press and Enable AF-OnNow, when you hold down the AE-L AF-L button¬†you will enable auto focus. But we’re not finished, because the Shutter Button still needs to be disabled from Pre-Focusing. Within the Custom Settings Menu go up to the Auto Focus optionSelect AF ActivationChoose AF-ON only Now, half pressing down the shutter button will not auto focus and instead the back button (AE-L AF-L button)¬†will perform this function. Having this option enabled means that you will now be in control of when your camera will auto focus. If you want to manual focus, simply let off the back button. If you want continuous auto-focus, simply hold down the back button and your camera will continuously auto focus as you are shooting. You will never miss focus by fumbling around with the shutter button’s pre focus feature. Get the Nikon D7200 Body Only on Amazon: Get the Nikon D7200 Kit on Amazon: Learn how to Ditch Auto and take better photos with our free Ditch …