Sony Alpha a6500 Mirrorless Digital Camera Review

Review: Sony Alpha a6500 Mirrorless Digital Camera

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Some will say that the a6500 release was a slap in the face to a6300 owners. I say that it depends on what you use your camera for and that you should expect growing pains when you buy technology that is leading edge. Here is my review of the Sony a6500 Mirrorless Digital Camera.

The Sony a6500’s release came well under the normal release cycle for Sony’s a6000 line. The Sony a6000 was on the market for a few years before the a6300 was even hinted of. The a6500 coming out just months shy of a year prior to the release of the a6300 had a lot of photographers frustrated. In my full video review, I discuss the new features and whether or not it is worth upgrading to.

One note: I did forget to mention that the a6500 also includes stabilization at the sensor level in addition to the other upgrades I did mention in the video.

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The Sony a6500 is not meant to replace the a6300, it’s a different camera. Sure if fixes the 4k video overheating issue, but Sony had to release the a6300 with 4k a bit earlier than they should have to compete with the competition. Mind you, even the competitions higher end 4k cameras have overheating issues still to this day.

Sony added a touch screen and a slightly beefier body to the tiny camera, welcomed additions if you ask me. I believe that the added features warrant the price increase. Looking at it’s competitors in similar price points, it offers a lot more. Canon and Nikon do not offer sensor stabilization and 4k video at that price.

So is the Sony a6500 a valid move for Sony? I think so. It fixed a few issues that they probably were not aware of at the time of producing the a6300 and gave them time to work on getting stabilization into the sensor of that tiny camera body. I am happy with my a6500 but also have an a6300 that we use in the studio. The video included in this post was filmed on an a6300. I have learned how to control the heat issue with filming in 4k on the a6300, so it still performs just as intended for me.

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