Pets Photo Challenge

Pets Photo Challenge

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This month we are going to focus our cameras on pets. Whether you have a pet or know someone who does, photographing our animals can be challenging. Animals do not respond as well to our commands so my challenge to you is to try and capture some portraits of your favorite pet this month to share in the Facebook Group. I also include some tips to help you capture better photos of your pets.

Tips for taking better Pet Photos:

  • Use Longer Lenses: Pets move fast so a longer lens, even a zoom lens, will be more flexible. A zoom lens will allow you to get in tight and widen up the shot as needed when the pet runs toward you. Prime lenses are nice but your only zoom ends up being your legs as you run around trying to compose a good shot of your pet. Zoom lenses make it easier to compose shots of fast-moving subjects.
  • Continuous Autofocus: I said it once and I’ll say it again, Pets Move Fast! The autofocus on modern digital cameras is fantastic. Let the camera keep up with your pet rather than your shutter prefocus. By allowing your camera to keep continuous focus on your pet, you will always be ready for the shot, even if your pet moves from where you told him/her to stay.
  • Shoot in burst mode: If your pet is like mine, he never stays still. Shooting a burst of photos at a time will increase your chances of getting that perfect expression on their face that you know and love. You may have more images to comb through, but the chance of missing that shot will be less or gone altogether.
  • Freeze the Action: You want to make sure your fast-moving pet is in focus and sharp in the image. This means increasing your shutter speed a bit. Where I would normally shoot at 1/160th of a second when photographing people I switch to something more like 1/320 for my dog.
  • Keep Your Pet Safe: Never put your pet or yourself in danger to get a photo. It’s not worth it.

I hope you enjoy this month’s challenge. Share your photos in the Facebook Group in the Pets Challenge album. Share some of your pet photo tips in the comments section below.

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