Peak Design Everyday 20L Backpack Review

Peak Design Everyday 20L Backpack Review

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Ready for a look at one of the most functional camera backpacks available? The Peak Design Everyday 20L Camera Backpack just about does it all. With plenty of room to store a full frame body and a couple of lenses. On top of that, you have room for a 15″ laptop, a tablet, and plenty of accessories.

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Video Transcript:

Hey, what’s up. It’s Jared with Ditch Auto and I wanted to talk today about my backpack. My backpack that is my camera bag, my laptop bag. it’s all the things and I’ve been using it non-stop. Now, I ordered this, this is the peak design bag. It’s fantastic. I also have their messenger bag. I feel like for a lot of years I’ve been a messenger bag kind of guy. I’m not really too sure why.

I think maybe because maybe it’s a little more professional or something than walking into a meeting with a backpack. But, I just found that I couldn’t quite fit my cameras the way that I configure them and the way that I like to have them set up in those bags without them just being kind of stretched out and everything crunched in there. So, I got this bag out, which I had really only used for a short period of time and started using it again.

So, many of you probably seen a review. If you’ve been looking for this bag you’ve seen a review, you’ve heard people talk about it. But I wanted to talk about how I use it. So, I use this as a bag for my camera and a lens. I also have my laptop, my iPad, my Kindle. I have lots of accessories, I have a small point-and-shoot that I use for just carrying on me instead of carrying a big bag if I want to leave or a big camera if I want to leave this in my car. It’s just been an all-around fantastic bag. So let’s talk about the features that I appreciate the most and we’re going to look at everything that I have inside.

So, what I love are these handles. These handles are fantastic. It’s really easy to just kind of cinch these up so that they’re not hanging. You could just cinch these up really quick and then just carry the bag. There’s a handle on each side, which fantastic and they’re well reinforced. I mean, really reinforced. Of course, the quick pull-tabs here to loosen these back up.

Peak Design has really done a great job at designing their clasps and all of these adjustments here. You also have this, which pops off and then goes across to the other side and just slides right in. What I like about that is that there really are no snaps that you have to mess with. This is very much a one-handed situation here. You don’t need two hands to push together snaps like a lot of bags. This is just grab it and pull it across and snap it right in, which fantastic. There’s lots of padding on the bag here. This all definitely has some space behind it even. In case you need to slide something behind you, you can do that.

So let’s take a look at the inside of the bag here. I’m going to go ahead and open this up. You can see here that I have my Sony A7R3, a 7200 lens right here. But what’s unique about this is that the 7200 it fits in there completely, nice, plenty of room for it. But the A7R3 has a battery grip on it and then I also have a lens on it. Now the battery grip has always been problematic in getting it to fit in a bag just because it’s bigger. Now, I’ve always shot with battery grips, I just like having that extra battery power. So, having the battery grip on my bag or on my camera is fantastic.

I also have this bag here. This is from Think-Tank. It has a bunch of my accessories in it. So if you want to kind of see what’s inside there, I have a backup battery for my phone. I have Go Pro, Polar filters, ND filters. I’ve got some extra cables, I’ve got a lens cleaner, I’ve got a charger for the wall quick charge. I have a glyph I think is what it’s called. I’ve got all sorts of stuff in this little bag and there’s also some adapters, some dongles and stuff like that in there.

I have my vitamins that I take. I have an extra watchband. Sometimes I’ll switch this out between the different watchbands that I have. Here’s my little camera. This is the RX100 Mark 5, fits in there. Let’s go dig a little deeper. I’ve got some headphones. Some of these things I probably could stow little bit better. But, nonetheless, that’s how they end up in here. This little bag has some random accessories in it inside they’re just loose stuff that I don’t have anywhere else for.

Sometimes I put my Apple headphones in there. I’ve got a cable and I’ll go into the other side when I flip the bag over, but there’s also a camera strap and a Rode mic in there. So, lots of stuff. Let’s kind of get this back in here. We’ll go ahead and see if we could just … It’s a mess. My bag is always somewhat organized but somewhat messy at the same time.

All right. So, then if we move on down over here we have plenty of storage room. You can see I have a mouse here. I have yet another Apple watchband. What’s my problem? I’ve got a couple of pens and there’s also slots for small things like maybe little adapters or some SD cards or whatnot. This, of course, I could probably fit the mouse in there too if I wanted.

But there’s plenty of room here for everything to kind of if you have some more stuff that you want to put in there, maybe a battery charger or whatnot. So let’s zip that up and flip over to the other side. Let’s flip it around. Zip it open. You can see here I have that Rode mic; I also have my camera strap here.

Now if we go over to this side you can see I’ve got my power adapter for my camera. This side’s configured a little bit different. It has some bigger pouches and so the bigger pouches support my laptop charger. One here probably for like a pin or something. Lots of room over on this side as well. So, we’ll go ahead and close this up. Let’s see how well I can expose the top here of the bag.

So when I open up the top you can see there’s all the stuff right in here. This is all the stuff that I was accessing from the side. We’ve got the camera, all the stuff that I accessed from the top of the side of the bag right there. There’s also another little pouch right here, which I have SD cards, I have my … I think my … Yeah, my ear pods are in there. I have a little flashlight all in there. And then the clasps that they have here are fantastic. This is what kind of seals it.

I was really concerned with the way that the bag kind of pooch is opened here at first thinking stuff was going to fall out, but it doesn’t. I just kind of push those in, pull this down, snaps right in place as you can see right here. Let’s do that again so you could get a better look at it. Just pull and snap. I mean. It’s like magnetic and just fantastic. That clasp is just one of the best.

So now let’s go into the back. I still got more stuff guys in here. You can imagine how heavy this backpack is. So if we look in here, I have a I have an iPad. Let’s go ahead and pull that out. It’s the iPad. I have the iPad sleeve. I guess I didn’t put it away properly. I have my laptop and then right here I also have my Kindle, and I think that is it. So look at all this stuff that I’m able to fit in this bag, it’s fantastic.

Now, don’t ask me why I need all this stuff with me all the time. My wife definitely asks me those questions and I don’t have a very good answer for her. Why do I need to carry all this stuff on me? Well, it’s just because you never know what you’re going to run into. I end up having some extra time on my hands, maybe waiting for a meeting or something like that. I can get a little bit of work done. Let’s go ahead and get some of this stuff put back away.

Just having this stuff with me is fantastic. This is a 15-inch Dell XPS. This isn’t the thinnest laptop ever. Plenty of room in here. It slides right in without any force. Then I put the iPad underneath it, which is in a case inside of a sleeve. Then I have room here for my Kindle Oasis as well. So, lots and lots of storage room inside this bag, fantastic. So if you’re looking for a bag, there are so many bag options out there.

Peak Design always ends up turning to Kickstarter when they have new projects come out. That is where I purchased this. I did end up originally backing it and it’s just been over the last couple of months that I’ve been using this bag and it’s been travelling with me all over the United States as I have different jobs and then of course it’s my bag back and forth to work every day.

It keeps my camera with me and a good lens. It keeps all of the stuff that I need with me. Sure it’s a little heavy but this bag handles it like a champ. So link is in the description below. You can definitely pick up this bag on Amazon. That’s where I would recommend getting it from. Unless I end up getting some sort of a something special from Peak Design, which I’ll put down in the description below if I do, some sort of a coupon code. I don’t know if I will or not though so don’t hope for that just maybe. Look and if it’s there cool, if not click on that link to Amazon to check it out.

If you have any thoughts, I’d love to hear them. A couple more little things that I almost forgot. There’s pouches on the side here. Look, I didn’t even take this off. That’s fun. I kind of forgot all about that because I haven’t really used these yet. There’s also cable like attachments in here. I haven’t used those yet. There’s one on that side and then I believe there’s one in here as well. So, there’s just so much.

Okay, so these can of course connect to your camera. This can of course slide all the way around back here and attach. There’s loop holes right here that you can attach these into and so you can have a small tripod or something lightweight, a monopod or whatnot, attached to it. There’s just so many stinking options. So, of course, this right here I haven’t used but I have a couple others of these.

This can attach to your camera and you can use it as kind of like a wrist thing or you can use it just to make sure that you don’t drop your camera from your bag. So, just going to leave it tucked in there. That was a nice little surprise. I forgot that was in there. Anyways, that’s going to do it for this video. It was a little long but I wanted to show you just how much stuff you could fit inside this bag. It’s fantastic.

Let me know what you think in the comments section below and click on that subscribe button if you want to be notified when we put out new videos. We’re going to try to do a much better job of that this year in 2018, so make sure to subscribe. Give us a thumbs up and we’ll see you back at the next one. Thanks.

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