Canon EOS R First Shots - Initial Thoughts

My First Shots with the Canon EOS R

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Let’s look at my first shots using the Canon EOS R, an absolutely fantastic camera that really caught me by surprise. When I was at NAB earlier this year in 2019, I got my hands on one and the 28-70 f/2L lens, which is a tank. But this package was just absolutely fantastic and when I was playing with the camera features like having this additional dial on the lens that I could map to something like ISO adjustment, I just had to spend some time with the camera.

Now, thankfully LensProToGo reached out to me, and they wanted to share this camera with me while I took a trip to Glacier National Park in Montana. I’m in Montana right now and we’ve been here for a couple of days. We’re going to be here for a couple more weeks. This trip is basically an all summer long trip that we’re doing in our RV. But I wanted to talk about this camera because I’ve spent much more time with it than I spend typically with a camera before doing an initial impression “first shots” video. The reason being is it has just been hard to try and find time to make this video happen.

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I got this camera sent to me in very, very early June and spent some time with it, taking some pictures, doing my typical testing that I do. I’ll go over to my in-laws house and their backyard and I’ll shoot photos, and I’ll just take photos of my kids and just do some average use with the camera. But then I left for a work trip that I do a couple of times a year. This one was in Seattle and I just couldn’t put this camera down. I used it constantly through the process of shooting for a client, shooting both photos and video clips in 4K and I just could not put the camera down with this 28-70 F2 and Canon’s Color Science, and just the fact that this camera is just ergonomically very comfortable and just a breeze to use after you get used to the controls. I just couldn’t put it down.

Of course, I still have all my Sony stuff. I am not planning to switch to Canon because I’m still so invested in Sony right now, but it’s a very welcomed piece of equipment to come from Canon after being a shooter on the 5D Mark III for so many years and then giving up on Canon and switching over to Sony. Yes, I use the Canon 5D Mark IV, but it just wasn’t enough for me. I didn’t enjoy it and so I stuck with my Sony gear, and I’ve loved Sony ever since. I’m very excited about this camera and happy to have gotten a chance to use it. Thank you LensProToGo for sending it to me. I also wanted to mention that Canon also sent me a body as well, so I have another one with the 24-105 F4 in my bag that Canon themselves sent me.

Even though they’ve sent me the cameras and I’ve gotten time to spend with them, I wanted to mention that you should do just this. You should borrow a body, a camera body and a lens before making a decision to switch. You might not be able to get one sent to you like I did. I was very fortunate. That definitely does not happen often for me, but LensProToGo, there’s a coupon code down below. If you’re thinking about this camera, I highly recommend that you rent it first because the controls are different. The setup is different on this camera than what you’d be used to, even if you’re already a Canon shooter. The controls are a little bit different. The way this camera reacts, the way it feels, everything is different and so you definitely want to spend some time with it before you decide to invest in it.

Now, the camera itself isn’t super expensive. I think it’s very well priced in comparison. I guess you would compare this camera maybe to the Sony A7III, and maybe even the Nikon Z7 seven or 6, maybe somewhere in between. This camera is very well priced. This lens on the other hand is a very expensive piece of glass, and the fact that I was able to get it and use it for a full month is crazy, but it is an absolutely fantastic lens. I’m going to do a video just on this lens alone because I think this lens as the first new thing to come out in a long time and I wanted to talk about that, so make sure to subscribe to the channel here and also hit that bell so that you’ll be notified when the new video comes out.

But photo and video quality out of this camera is absolutely fantastic. I forgot how usable right out of the camera photos and video are from this, from Canon. Canon’s Color Science is fantastic. You hear people talk about it all the time. Yes, you can match it. Sony’s Color Science is good too, but typically I have to take photos into Lightroom or into some sort of an app and give them a little bit of a treatment. Whereas the photos that come right out of this camera are absolutely beautiful. Canon has done something really good with this camera that I think is even over and above what I was used to. I’m getting attacked by little critters all over the place as it starts to turn to evening here in Kalispell, Montana.

The photos and videos out of this camera is fantastic. This camera itself does not have IBIS, but it has electronic IBIS, I guess you could call it, electronic stabilization, which does crop in a bit, but it actually works really well, and I found it to be more usable than just a standard IBIS on other cameras. If you’re going to shoot handheld and you’re not going to use a tripod, sometimes IBIS on my Sony A7III isn’t quite enough.

Whereas the electronic stabilization here feels a lot, even though I’m on a wider Lens, maybe shooting at 28 millimeters on this lens, the electronic stabilization on this lens feels like I’m holding a 70-200, full zoom at 200 with the stabilization turned on to level two, and sometimes you get that little barely Jello-y feel until it locks on. That’s kind of what it feels like, but it actually is really good and it does a great job at stabilizing. You could shoot a lot more handheld with this setup here, which technically there’s no stabilization in this lens. There’s no IBIS on this camera, but this setup is more stable to me than my A7III that has IBIS with a 24 70 F2 on it.

I really do like this setup right here and that’s why for this event that I was shooting professionally, I just didn’t put this camera down because it was working for me on so many different levels. Having that lens be at an F2 is great to have just that extra speed in the lens so that I can get a little bit more light in there. The low light performance on this camera is also really good. I think Sony may still be edging them out a little bit, but not to the point where you really can even tell. I can easily hike the ISO up on this camera in shooting photos and also shooting video and get very usable content out of it, even at the higher ISO levels without having to do anything crazy to recover those images that are captured.

With that said, I will be coming out with a full review of this camera later before I send it back. I just want to spend more time with it. I’ve definitely used it more than most reviewers do when they put out their reviews. I’ve used it a lot myself personally. It’s been traveling with me now. I’ve also used it professionally out in the field shooting for clients and I just can’t put it down. Of course, I’m still getting used to getting around the camera fast. That part is a little bit challenging and there are a few less buttons on this camera. I’ll talk about this stuff in my full review. I do like having some of the tactile feedback, being able to use the camera a little bit faster without having to pull it away from my face and look at the camera body to make my adjustments. But there are some things that are just surprisingly really great about this camera, even in its simplicity. I’ll talk about those in my full review.

There are links down in the description below. Like I said, there’s also a coupon code to LensProToGo, it’s just my first name, so you’ll want to definitely use that so that you can maybe rent this at a discount because discounts are always great. But also if you’re thinking about purchasing it, the links are down in the description below to pick one up as well. This camera is great. It’s fantastic. It surprised me a lot and even though it still uses the batteries, the same Canon batteries that we’ve been using forever, the thing lasts forever on a charge. I was really impressed with what they’ve done with this camera considering same battery technology, new technology in the camera and whatnot as well.

Lastly, I think before we go, we’ll talk a little bit about the flippy screen. That’s something I’m going to talk about in the review because I think that people get excited about this and I think it’s dumb. And then also the single SD card slot, people will say, “Oh, it’s not for pros because there isn’t a dual SD card slot,” and I’m just here to say that I’ve been shooting for 15 years professionally. A lot of my cameras have been single card slot and I haven’t had any problems, knock on wood. If you use good media, if you use good SD cards, good quality SD cards, you’re not going to have a problem. And then of course you could always just shoot externally, record externally to something. This camera does that.

With that said, I hope that I was able to share a little bit of useful information about the camera. Like I said, I want to do a full review. I’m also going to come back and talk about this lens because this lens really deserves its own video. It’s just so good and I want to make sure that I share that with you and get to focus solely on the lens. Subscribe to my Ditch Auto channel here. Click on that bell, so you’ll be notified when new videos are put out, and I hope to see you back here soon. Make sure if you want to see some images of this camera as well to follow us on Instagram, which is @ditch_auto. Thanks so much, and we’ll see you back in the next one.

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