ISO Speed Settings on Canon Rebel T6i

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As you may know, ISO is one of the three main settings that determine the exposure of your photos. Accordingly, the Canon Rebel T6i has quite a few settings related to ISO. Here’s how to set the ISO manually, as well as how to adjust the parameters for automatic ISO adjustment on your Canon T6i:

By pressing the dedicated ISO button on the top of the camera or by using the Quick Settings button, you can adjust the ISO to a preset or Auto mode on the fly in any Creative Zone shooting mode (check out our Shooting Modes on Canon T6i article). Manual ISO adjustments are disabled in Basic Zone shooting modes.

The maximum ISO setting that Auto ISO mode will use can be adjusted by navigating to the third tab of the Settings Menu, selecting the ISO Auto menu, and choosing between one of the five presets. This is a useful setting when you want to use automatic ISO selection, but prevent your camera from selecting an ISO that could add more image noise than desirable.

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