Image Adjustments on Canon Rebel T6i

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In addition to the high quality images the Canon Rebel T6i is able to take, you are also provided image management and editing tools directly in-camera for added convenience and flexibility. Let’s go over the adjustments available for image and video files on the Canon T6i:

  • To view images and videos taken with the camera, press the Playback button to the right of the LCD monitor on the back of the camera. To scroll through the images, press left or right directional buttons, or swiping left and right on the touchscreen. The main dial by default will skip forward or back 10 images to quickly move through a set.
  • In image playback mode, the AE Lock and AF Point Selection buttons at the top right corner of the back of the camera can be used to zoom in and out of an image, and to increase or decrease the number of preview images on the screen. Pinching in and out on the touchscreen also provides the same functionality.
  • When previewing a single image or video, pressing the Quick Settings button to the right of the LCD monitor will reveal options for many of the image adjustments available:
    • On the top left, enabling Protect Images will prevent the image from being deleted accidentally.
    • Rotate Image gives the option to rotate the image to the left or right.
    • Rating can be set to off, or to rate the image anywhere from 1 to 5 stars. This is a useful feature when sorting through images and finding your favorites later.
    • Creative Filters lets use choose from one of the Creative Filters, such as Grainy B/W, Fish-eye effect, Miniature effect and more.
    • Resize gives you the option to choose from one of the preset resolution options: Off to turn off resizing, M for 11MP size, S1 for 5.9MP size, S2 for 2.5MP, and S3 for 0.3MP.
    • On the right side, the first selection is the return arrow that will step out of the quick settings menu and return to image preview.
    • Cropping takes you to the crop selection tool, so that you can cut down any and all edges of the image.
    • AF Point Display shows the point where Autofocus was used on the image to show where the image is focused to.
    • Below this, we find the option to set how the main dial functions during image preview. This can be set to scroll through one image at a time, ten images, one hundred images, jump by date, by folder, movies only, photos only, or by rating.
    • When Wi-Fi is enabled, the last option provides a shortcut to Wi-Fi functions.

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