How to Use Picture Styles on Canon Rebel T6i

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The Pictures styles feature on the Canon Rebel T6i enable a number of adjustments to your photos after they are taken. When a style is selected, the settings in that style will be reflected in the photos taken in any Basic Zone shooting mode.

A picture style contains granular adjustments for six parameters: sharpness, contrast, saturation, color tone, filter effect, and toning effect. There are seven pre-defined styles (auto, standard, portrait, landscape, neutral, faithful, and monochrome) and three customizable user defined styles, each of which can have any of their six parameters adjusted.

To select a picture style, press the Menu button, navigate to the second tab, then open the Picture Style menu. From here, select the picture style you would like to use and press the Set button.

To adjust any of the picture styles’ parameters, select the style you wish to edit, then press the Info button. Choose one of the parameters and adjust as desired.

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To reset any picture style to their default settings, select the picture style, press Info, then either scroll down to or tap on the Default set. button at the bottom of the screen, then OK.

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