How to Update Firmware on Canon Rebel T6i

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Complex digital devices sometimes mean there are some bugs and inconsistencies in the software used in that device. Luckily for us, software is simply digital bits, and can be updated to provide bug fixes and even added features. Here’s how to update the firmware on your Canon Rebel T6i:

  1. Check the current firmware version of your camera by navigating to the Fourth Set-up tab in the Settings menu, and either write down or remember the version number .
  2. You can find the latest firmware on Canon’s Support & Drivers page and searching for the T6i (direct link here). Once there, find and open the Firmware dropdown menu.
  3. Find the latest firmware version and click directly on the package’s name to download. Do not open the downloaded file yet.
    • Often the latest firmware version on the download page will not be higher than what is currently on your camera. In this case, your camera’s firmware is up to date.
    • Make sure to only download and install firmware updates from Canon. Firmwares downloaded from other sites may be corrupt or infected with malware.
  4. If you have not already done so, install the latest version of the EOS Utility application on your computer. You may also need to install drivers for compatibility. Both downloads are available on the same page as the firmware download, under the Drivers and Software tabs.
  5. Launch EOS Utility on your computer.
  6. Turn off Wi-Fi/NFC on your camera, then plug the camera into your computer using the USB cable.
  7. In EOS Utility, click on the Camera Settings menu, then click Firmware update. Confirm that the version number of the firmware download is higher than the version currently installed on the camera.
  8. When prompted, select the firmware file downloaded from Canon’s website.
  9. Follow the instructions in EOS Utility to upload and install the new firmware on your camera. Do not turn off or attempt to use the camera while the update is running.
  10. After the update is complete, return to the camera’s menu to verify the firmware version number matches the update.

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