How to Change Focus Modes on Canon Rebel T6i

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The Canon Rebel T6i has three different focus modes: a manual mode, and three autofocus modes. Each focus mode is useful in their own right, and can be selected based on your current needs.

  • To change the focus mode of your Canon T6i, press the Right/AF button on the back of the camera, and choose between one of the three autofocus modes.
  • There are three autofocus modes, each with their own characteristics:
    • One-Shot AF is most useful for still subjects, and focus is locked when the shutter button is pressed halfway.
    • AI Servo AF is the best option for moving subjects, and pressing the shutter button halfway will continuously focus on your subject as long as it’s in frame.
    • AI Focus AF is a hybrid between the previous two autofocus modes: if your subject begins moving after focus is found, focus will be continually adjusted to the subject.
  • To switch to manual focus, use the toggle on your lens to switch from AF (autofocus) to MF (manual focus). Manual focus gives you fully manual control using the focus ring on your lens.

The Canon T6i also includes various Autofocus modes using 19 autofocus points to adjust the point in the frame the camera focuses on. The AF area mode can be adjusted using the AF Point Selection button at the top right of the back of the camera (indicated a white square icon with 5 smaller squares). At the top of the menu, you find three selections:

  • Manual selection: 1pt AF. This mode uses 1 autofocus point to find focus.
  • Manual selection: Zone AF. This mode gives five focus zones across the 19 AF points: left, top, center, bottom, and right.
  • Automatic selection: 19pt AF. In One-Shot AF, this mode will automatically select a focus point, whereas in AI Servo AF, the focus point can be manually selected.

In either the Manual 1pt mode or Automatic Selection while in Servo AF, the focus point can be selected by pressing the AF Point Selection button, then using the arrow buttons on the back of the camera to move the point selector. The AF point can also be selected using the touch screen after pressing the AF Point Selection button.


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    Thanks for the clarifications. If I want to take pictures of birds feeding at my bird feeders or just perched on a tree, what settings would you recommend.


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