Drive Modes on Canon Rebel T6i

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The Canon Rebel T6i comes equipped with different drive modes; how your camera behaves when taking photos. The default behavior of cameras is to take one picture when you press the shutter button. On the Canon T6i, this is called Single Shooting drive mode. There is a separate mode called silent single shooting mode that reduces the noise made by the camera when taking a photo by silencing the mirror.

In certain circumstances, you might want to take multiple photos with a single press of the shutter button. This is called Continuous Shooting in the T6i, and there are two continuous modes: Continuous, and Silent Continuous. Continuous will take about 5 photos a second (when using high speed memory), whereas Silent Continuous modes will take a maximum of 3 photos a second.

The last three options are “delayed shutter” or self-timer drive modes. These will take the photo a number of seconds after the shutter button is pressed. There is a 2 second mode and a 10 second mode, and will take a single photo two or ten seconds after the shutter button, respectively, and a Continuous Self-Timer mode that will take a continuous set of photos ten seconds after the shutter button is pressed. In this mode, you can choose to capture between two and ten photos.

To change the drive mode, press the Left/Drive button at the back of the camera and use the arrow buttons to select a drive mode, or press the Quick Settings button where you’ll find the drive mode option in the center of the bottom row of settings.

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