Jerad Hill PhotographerDitch Auto came as an answer to a question I constantly receive when photographing events. It is often these days that guests at events have the same equipment as you do, if not better. A good camera can help you take better photos, but if you do not understand how to use that camera, you will not make the most our of your equipment. I often see someone holding five thousand dollars worth of camera gear in their hands and the camera is set to automatic mode. Though automatic mode is getting better, it does not unlock the full potential of the camera. My goal was to help get people out of automatic mode and into a mindset where they have taken control of the situation whether that be their camera or editing workflow.

As I continue to grow, so will Ditch Auto. Every opportunity to take a picture is a learning opportunity as well. Each situation is different and requires something different of the Photographer.

My goal is to share as much of that as I can with you. Much of my course content will be made available free of charge. Other times I will charge a small fee for a course. The small fee helps me continue to invest in recording equipment that allows me to produce better courses more often.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you decide to take a course and step closer to taking control of your creative eye.

Jerad Hill


  1. Hi Jerad! I randomly found your You Tube video on important settings for the D7200. I was impressed with your “VIP” choices which lead me to search for more of your videos. Long story short, I found the Ditch Auto Challenge and I’m extremely intrigued. I’m an amateur photog and my bf is a pro. We both are in a major rut and I’m looking forward to crawling out of our “photog hole” wanted to thank you for putting a challenge out there, that feels non-judgemental, creative, and inspiring.

    With that said, I saw on your Bio that your a website designer. I’m currently in the beginning steps of moving us to “Photoshelter” ,and I’d love to hear your honest opinion about using them for our new website. I’m sure you’re very busy, but if you get a chance, I’d love to hear your honest opinion about using Photoshelter for our small business. Thank you so much for your time!

    1. Author

      Thanks Kristen, I appreciate that. I do not have any experience with PhotoShelter. There are a lot of options out there for galleries and portfolios. For me it always came down to what gave me the most control and what allowed me to optimize well so I would rank well in Google Search, which I do. 99% of the time I rank #1 in Google organic and in Google maps. It’s hard to do that unless you have a lot of control.

  2. I was assigned a Cannon T6i as part of my new role responsibilities.
    I’ve never used anything other than a simple point-n-shoot, and don’t even know where to start (hence my google search that landed me here).
    Do you have a course you’d recommend to get me started?

    1. Author

      Hey Christopher, thanks so much for the comment. I would actually recommend taking my free ditch Auto course. The goal of that course is to learn more about your DSLR camera so I think it would be a great starter course. Then, join our Facebook group where you can communicate with a bunch of other photographers that range from people just starting out on up to seasoned photographers. It’s a great community.

  3. I just finished your Ditch Auto course, and am so proud of the pictures I’ve been able to take! I was given an old Canon hand-me-down, and was using the auto functions for a few months. I was a little intimidated, and afraid to take a course in person. Your online course was so helpful, and so full of information without being overwhelming. It gave me the confidence boost I needed to get out there and start experimenting. Thank you, so much!

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