Ditch Auto Hits 41,000 Students!

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Ditch Auto 41000 StudentsWhat an amazing milestone. When I first launched the Ditch Auto – Start Shooting in Manual course on Udemy.com, I figured that friends and perhaps past clients of mine who wanted to learn more about photography would take the course. I could not have imagined that over 41,000 people from all over the world would end up taking the course.

What is next for Ditch Auto?

In the coming weeks we will be launching a podcast and start posting tutorials to this website. I want Ditch Auto to be more than just an introductory course. The feedback many of those who took the course have provided let me know that there is a need for more information. Though there is plenty of good information already on the internet on photography, it’s always good to have different perspectives on things. I am a hands on learner and teacher, it seems that people are drawn to that teaching style. Through this website, the podcast, my Youtube channel and future courses, I hope to continue to help people Ditch Auto and get the most out of their cameras.

Here are some of the things people are saying about Ditch Auto:

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Went from having no understanding of how to shoot in manual to gaining a good understanding of cause and effect relationships with that will allow me to take better photos. ~Nathan

I really enjoyed watching and taking part in this course Jerad Hill is a great teacher and he’ll show you part of his knowledge in a easy way. Thanks to Jerad Hill and Udemy for this course. ~Francisco

Although I have many years behind a video camera, I’m new to Dslr and I was looking for a good overview. Jerad Hill nails it covering all the bases and also whets your appetite by giving overviews on a couple of more advanced or not quite on topic subjects. I recommend this course for anyone who would like to get more out of their camera. ~Shane

Great intro for Manual photography. I am a beginner in this area and at least now have a basic understanding of how to shoot manually in different situations, lighting, etc. Thanks Jerad so much for offering this free course! Anyone interested in getting started in Wedding photography would benefit greatly from this course as well! ~Kpeers


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