022 – Adding Copyright Metadata to an Image in Lightroom

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Copyrighting your photo can be useful in the event that someone uses your photo without your knowledge they’ll know who to credit the photo to. There are a couple of different ways to add copyright information to a photo, in this episode I’ll show you how.

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  1. April 7, 2011Thanks for this post (along with the class!) I am just getting setartd since I had to save my pennies for LR. So far everything has pulled in perfectly and the one time I made the mistake of importing improperly this post showed me how to fix it.Even before I get to the next steps I can already see that I am going to LOVE LR. I used it this morning while buying some new digi products and it was so simple to make sure I didn’t buy anything I already owned.I’m going to hate it when my 30 day trial of PS5 is done. It’s amazing, but it will take much longer to save all THOSE pennies!two questions I noticed quite a few jpg’s and several psd’s had to be saved using the maximize psd function in Photoshop. Is it somewhat standard for designers to not use this when creating products? One designer has her psd’s locked. Is there a way to unlock them to maximize psd function or are they doomed for Bridge only?Hope you’re feeling better.

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